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Supporting local shopping

Supporting local shopping

Local shopping is good for the local community since local businesses tend to hire locally, spend locally, source inventory locally and engage locally.

Those who care about the local community will; tend to support local businesses for these reasons.

Local shopping is a win for everyone given the circular nature of the local economy.

The more we shop where we live the more those businesses can support local community groups and hire locally.

We all benefit from this.

The other benefit of local shopping is that it tends to be at local small businesses. These businesses tend to have less sophisticated tax management arrangements in place, meaning more of what you spend gets into the tax system from which local, state and federal governments fund what they do.

So, supporting local shopping is important.

It is a belief on the total community and economic value of local shopping that is at the heart of what we are doing at FindIt. This is a free platform for local retailers to show that they have available in their shops, for local shoppers and people who may travel to a local area to shop.

FindIt is a platform that connects locals and the local shops near them, listing what is available.

The prime goal of FindIt is to show what is available locally so you go visit local shops as there is no substitute for being in a shop, talking with the people who work there, connecting with them, and providing feedback.

Local shopping is a community activity. FindIt serves to nurture this.

For retailers who want, they can use FindIt to directly sell, with the shop then packing and shipping what is sold. It’s up to each retailer if they connect with this direct online selling opportunity.

The other aspect of local shopping is that it is a small business focus. FindIt only connects with local small retail; businesses, independent retail businesses, as these businesses are the true and valuable local retail businesses.

Big businesses spend money telling you how good they are while local small businesses are often out there doing good, and doing this quietly.

FindIt is all about supporting local small business retailers and through that local communities.